Review — Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition (Xbox One)

Visual novels and interactive fiction are controversial within the gaming community. Some bemoan the enhanced focus of story over gameplay, while others enjoy engaging with an engrossing narrative. Games like Gone Home, Choice of Robots and Stanley Parable have been released to critical acclaim and commercial success, proving that there is a market for theseContinue reading “Review — Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition (Xbox One)”

Xbox One and Windows 10 Games for 2016, Review of 2015

Although one Xbox One exclusive has been pushed back until at least 2017, Mike Nicholas, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Of Marketing, posted a slew of announcements on Xbox Wire. Mr. Nicholas announced a variety of statistics in regards to Xbox One’s performance during 2015. Though there are too many to list, two in particular stoodContinue reading “Xbox One and Windows 10 Games for 2016, Review of 2015”

Xbox One’s Scalebound Released Pushed Back to 2017

Scalebound — an action role-playing game where the player battles enemies with their dragon companion — has been delayed till 2017.¬†Developer Platinum Games posted the following on their website: “As we enter into 2016, we want to provide you with an update on Scalebound, the upcoming Xbox One-exclusive action-RPG that lets you fight alongside aContinue reading “Xbox One’s Scalebound Released Pushed Back to 2017”

Pokemon-Themed Nintendo 2DS Announced for Japan

Nintendo has officially announced that they will be releasing four new, Pokemon-themed versions of the 2DS in Japan. These handhelds will come in four translucent colors corresponding to the original Pokemon games: Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. While the translucent red and blue consoles have been previously released worldwide (sans the colored buttons), the greenContinue reading “Pokemon-Themed Nintendo 2DS Announced for Japan”