Blast from the Past: Dino Crisis Review

Once upon a time back in 1999, Capcom released a survival horror game titled Dino Crisis. I was maybe thirteen years old when I first dived into its demo. It blew my mind. Now I know what you’re thinking — I was far too young to be blowing dinosaurs to smithereens, but I turned out okayContinue reading “Blast from the Past: Dino Crisis Review”

The Sims – The Highs and the Lows

“O vwa vwaf sna!” In other words, “hello” or “nice to meet you” in the gibberish language we’ve come to know and love as Simlish. Introduced to us first back in the year 2000, The Sims was one of the most innovative life simulation games around. Developed by EA Maxis, the franchise that generated endlessContinue reading “The Sims – The Highs and the Lows”

Zombie Night Terror Review (PC)

Zombie Night Terror, a STEAM title developed by NoClip, is a unique combination of humor, strategy, and the mindless walking dead. To say they are mindless is not an understatement, as these zombies are really something stupid. The player controls the zombie outbreak in an effort to wipe humanity off the face of the planet. Managing aContinue reading “Zombie Night Terror Review (PC)”

Why RPGs Are the Stars of the Video Game Industry

In the video game industry, there are dozens of genres that categorize what kind of experience a player can expect from a game. The selection ranges from countless sports games to the exciting action-adventure setting, and we as gamers develop preferences by exploring various titles and recognizing what grabs our attention. Presently, most of usContinue reading “Why RPGs Are the Stars of the Video Game Industry”

Resident Evil: Throughout the Years

Back in 1996, Capcom brought us the first installment of Resident Evil on the Sony PlayStation. It exemplified the theme of survival horror, introducing us to the Umbrella Corporation and protagonists Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine. Thus began the beloved franchise that grew into a cultural touchstone with diverse characters and creature transformations. Yet, somewhere along theContinue reading “Resident Evil: Throughout the Years”

Final Fantasy VII Remake: Why Aeris’ Death is Crucial

Back in 1997, Square Enix released the unforgettable journey that is Final Fantasy VII. With the consistent amount of praise that followed its release, Square recently decided to give their fans what they’ve always wanted – a Final Fantasy VII Remake. After we wiped our tears of joy at its announcement at E3 last year,Continue reading “Final Fantasy VII Remake: Why Aeris’ Death is Crucial”