Why Majora’s Mask Needs a Sequel

When stories end, most of them conclude with a flourish of joyful elation, bitter sorrow, or any blend of the emotional spectrum between. This is not necessarily so with Majora’s Mask. Certainly, it ended with some sense of resolution, as Link successfully defeated Majora within the Moon, and saved Termina from the annihilation to come withContinue reading “Why Majora’s Mask Needs a Sequel”

Dark Souls 3 – Thoughts and Speculations

With less than two months to go for the release of Dark Souls 3, speculation is abound as to what players can expect in the newest installment of the Souls series. While there is plenty of hard information circulating on gameplay, characters, and new locations, much of the main story has been understandably left inContinue reading “Dark Souls 3 – Thoughts and Speculations”

Review – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Expansion: Hearts of Stone (PS4)

As with many of Geralt of Rivia’s often unusual adventures, Hearts of Stone starts with a seemingly standard, run-of-the-mill contract seeking the death of a bloodthirsty monster. There are no tricks or convoluted hoops to jump through in activating the expansion. Rather, upon installing the DLC, the quest Evil’s Soft First Touches will be automaticallyContinue reading “Review – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Expansion: Hearts of Stone (PS4)”