Sony Changes July 2019 Playstation Plus Games Lineup

In a very last minute change, Sony has changed the free games offering for Playstation Plus subscribers from the previously announced lineup. Initially, Sony was all set to offer two games for the July 2019 offering the games that were originally set to be free for users were Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 and Horizon Turbo Chase. Without any priorContinue reading “Sony Changes July 2019 Playstation Plus Games Lineup”

Elden Ring Trailer Shown at Microsoft E3 2019

The next project from developer Fromsoftware had a short trailer debuted at the Microsoft E3 2019 press conference, Elden Ring. This game is the one that Game of Thrones’ writer George R.R Martin has been closely working with Fromsoftware to produce. Not much information was revealed for the game but we did get a brief trailer and theContinue reading “Elden Ring Trailer Shown at Microsoft E3 2019”

Ninja Theory Unveils Bleeding Edge

Ninja Theory revealed their new project that they have had in the making for several years even before Microsoft had acquired the studio last year at the Microsoft E3 2019 press conference. Their new project is titled Bleeding Edge. The game is a 4 versus 4 online multiplayer game in which players are pitted against eachContinue reading “Ninja Theory Unveils Bleeding Edge”

Sony Delivers With Second State of Play

Sony recently released the next video in their short announcement series, State of Play, and they definitely delivered on a few things that fans have been looking forward to. To kick off the short announcement video we saw an extended look into the next expansion for Monster Hunter World titled Iceborne. In Iceborne, players willContinue reading “Sony Delivers With Second State of Play”

Playstation Name Changes Finally Available

  In what has been a long requested feature by PlayStation fans since the launch of the PlayStation 3 back in 2006, Sony has finally given gamers the ability to change their on-screen names. The topic of changing your account name has been a highly controversial subject among gamers because those who play their gamesContinue reading “Playstation Name Changes Finally Available”

Next Supergiant Title Revealed

  This year’s Game Awards is set up to make some pretty substantial world premieres and big announcements. One of the earlier announcements is that Supergiant has premiered their next title at the award show tonight, Hades. We do not currently have much information on the title but it looks to be an action gameContinue reading “Next Supergiant Title Revealed”

Blizzard unveils next Overwatch hero at Blizzcon 2018

Blizzard has shown off a short trailer of the next hero to come to their wildly popular hero shooter, Overwatch. Hero number 29 on the ever-growing Overwatch roster is Ashe, the female gunslinger akin to cowboy hero McCree. We do not have a lot of information on her lore but we do know that sheContinue reading “Blizzard unveils next Overwatch hero at Blizzcon 2018”

Sony Announces Resident Evil 2 Remake

Much to the hopes of many fans, Sony has officially announced the Resident Evil 2 remake. On their E3 stage we were able to see an extended trailer with an announced release date. Fans of the series will be able to play the remake very soon. The cinematic shows of classic scenes from the original game, butContinue reading “Sony Announces Resident Evil 2 Remake”

Mavericks Proving Grounds 1000 Player Battle Royale Detailed

In true 2018 fashion, we have another battle royale game coming to PC. Mavericks Proving Grounds by developer Automaton, is a 1000 player battle royale game that was detailed at the E3 2018 PC Gaming Show. 2018 has been inundated with many different battle royale style games, so what makes Mavericks Proving Grounds any different from any other battle royaleContinue reading “Mavericks Proving Grounds 1000 Player Battle Royale Detailed”

Ubisoft Releases New Trailer for Skull & Bones

The pirate game, Skull & Bones, had a new trailer and information released on the Ubisoft E3 2018 stage. Skull & Bones is the Ubisoft take on a brand new Pirate IP, while we were not able to get a solid release date at the conference we did get a 2019 release window. In the trailer we wereContinue reading “Ubisoft Releases New Trailer for Skull & Bones”

New Prey Update, DLC Announced At E3 2018

Bethesda announced new modes, download content, and updates for Prey today on the E3 2018 stage. Some of the major highlights being added to Prey are the Story update, New Game +, Survival Mode, Mooncrash DLC, and Typhon hunter mode. Some of the most fan requested modes for Prey are the new game + and survival mode. Both new modes addContinue reading “New Prey Update, DLC Announced At E3 2018”

Black Desert Trailer Shown At Microsoft E3 Stage

Microsoft has released a new trailer today showing that the popular MMO Black Desert, is coming to their platform with a new beta releasing in the fall of 2018. In the trailer we saw some new gameplay footage that is showcasing the graphics. Black Desert looks to be one of the next big MMO games that is coming toContinue reading “Black Desert Trailer Shown At Microsoft E3 Stage”