Casey Weinmann

Executive Editor, Newspaper Publishing

Loves Action/Adventure, RPG, and always enjoys a good Platformer. Can mostly be found on the hunt for as many Playstation trophies as possible while still finding time to bust out the switch too!



Next Supergiant Title Revealed

  This year's Game Awards is set up to make some pretty substantial world premieres and big announcements. One of the earlier announcements is that Supergiant...

Blizzard unveils next Overwatch hero at Blizzcon 2018

Blizzard has shown off a short trailer of the next hero to come to their wildly popular hero shooter, Overwatch. Hero number 29 on the...

Sony Announces Resident Evil 2 Remake

Much to the hopes of many fans, Sony has officially announced the Resident Evil 2 remake. On their E3 stage we were able to see an extended...

Mavericks Proving Grounds 1000 Player Battle Royale Detailed

In true 2018 fashion, we have another battle royale game coming to PC. Mavericks Proving Grounds by developer Automaton, is a 1000 player battle royale game that was...

Ubisoft Releases New Trailer for Skull & Bones

The pirate game, Skull & Bones, had a new trailer and information released on the Ubisoft E3 2018 stage. Skull & Bones is the Ubisoft take on a...