Ash of Gods: Redemption (PC) Review

Ash of Gods: Redemption is immediately striking. Its artwork and soundtrack are very appealing and overall it is a solid experience. Although, that experience is somewhat skin-deep, as the two-dimensional story, simplistic combat, as well as the unmemorable and sometimes badly written dialogue all fail to make as big an impression as the visual and soundContinue reading “Ash of Gods: Redemption (PC) Review”

Staxel Review (PC)

Staxel is a game that intends to amalgamate the styles of open world life simulators seen in Minecraft, Stardew Valley and Harvest Moon. The result is a cute little game with an interesting art style and a few good ideas along the way, but in the end, ultimately, feels hollow and repetitive. When I start upContinue reading “Staxel Review (PC)”

Games as Experiences, Not Games as Services

Games as services seems to be becoming the prevailing thought process when making a new game. But for something to be classified as a ‘service’, it has to in some way ‘serve’ the person who owns the product that’s giving that service. And that just isn’t happening at all. The way the industry is movingContinue reading “Games as Experiences, Not Games as Services”

Bloody Zombies Review (PC)

I have always been a sucker for old school style titles like Bloody Zombies. Something small and moreish to sink my teeth into, but not something that drains away too much of my time. I find myself being drawn more and more to titles like that of Enter the Gungeon and Battle Brothers that offer great moments in the gameplay ratherContinue reading “Bloody Zombies Review (PC)”

Mainstream Video Games Have Become Too Easy

When it comes to the topic of video game difficulty the most important thing to recognise is that difficulty is relative. What to me is simply a walk in the Green Hill Zone might well be a day of Battletoads for you. The concept of difficulty is broadened when considering what the aim of theContinue reading “Mainstream Video Games Have Become Too Easy”

Breathe in the Wilds: The Importance of Environment in Video Games

The Last of Us is a memorable title for the most part because of the haunting atmosphere that the game is presented in. Assassin’s Creed is a firm favourite of many in large part due to its landscapes and buildings to climb upon. The Metro series’ popularity is entirely bound up in the its bleak, broken and terrifying world givenContinue reading “Breathe in the Wilds: The Importance of Environment in Video Games”

Draining The Swamp: The Case for ‘Less Stuff’ in Video Games

I don’t know about you but when my family gets brutally executed all I want to do is collect as many feathers as possible. Likewise, when I wake up after being shot and buried alive all I want to do is find collectible snow globes. Collecting random junk is a staple of the gaming experience,Continue reading “Draining The Swamp: The Case for ‘Less Stuff’ in Video Games”

Should Fast Travel Be Removed From Open World Games?

For me it’s the little things in open world titles that make the experience shine. In Fallout 4, I can recall coming across a teddy bear who appeared to be furtively reading an old newspaper whilst answering the call of nature. In The Witcher III, I would find overturned shrines, villages ravaged by monsters, and moisture-slick caverns.Continue reading “Should Fast Travel Be Removed From Open World Games?”

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Nintendo E3 Conference

As initially announced yesterday during the Ubisoft conference, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has made a showing during the Nintendo Direct at E3. The game appears to be aiming for a very different market than the familiar Mario-model, but still capitalising on the well known Mushroom Kingdom characters. Focusing on tactical battling and placement, the game seemsContinue reading “Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle – Nintendo E3 Conference”

Kirby is coming to Nintendo Switch

The cute little insatiable marshmallow known as Kirby will be coming to Nintendo’s new console and it looks every bit as darling yet terrifying as ever. I am always pleased to see a fully realised, high resolution Nintendo game, the cute little characters can always do with a make-over, and with Nintendo’s dedication to honingContinue reading “Kirby is coming to Nintendo Switch”

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Revealed at Ubisoft E3 Conference

At long last Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been announced at E3. The game has been teased by Ubisoft before, and so it is deeply satisfying to finally see something substantive. The game is set before the events of Beyond Good and Evil, where corporations have created multiple hybrids of human and animal DNA in order toContinue reading “Beyond Good and Evil 2 Revealed at Ubisoft E3 Conference”