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A 'normal' gamer with passions for D&D and classic RPGs. I like to throw some tunes on and get lost in various digital worlds. Storytelling and shaping are some of my favorite things.



Battlefield 1 Beta Announced Plus New Video

Electronics Arts and DICE have announced the open beta for Battlefield 1 will begin on August 31. The beta will be available across Xbox One,...

High Bandwidth Options In Overwatch (PC)

Blizzard has finally confirmed they will be implementing something they promised for Overwatch. Back around the time of Overwatch's launch, talk of making high bandwidth...

DubWars Review (PC)

Editor's Note: The review copy of DubWars was procured by a member of the staff who had connections in the development of the title.  Do you...

A Newer Witch Doctor Build For Diablo III

It’s clear at this point that Diablo III: Reaper of Souls is a great game. However, the never-ending grind can get a bit dull. To help...

Gear Up For Diablo III Season 7

For those that are unaware, Blizzard has been keeping Diablo III fresh and alive with Seasons. This feature is unfortunately not available on console, due...