Shawn Case

Executive Editor, Newspaper Publishing

My name is Shawn Case. I am 27 years old and I am happily married with one amazing son. I enjoy video games and writing, but mostly writing about video games! I hope everyone enjoys my perspectives on games as much as I enjoy writing them!



The Evolution of Assassin’s Creed

  The months and weeks have now turned to days, bringing Assassin's Creed Odyssey so close to us that the butterflies have began to swarm in...

Living and Dying With the Choices You Make in Assassins Creed Odyssey!

Assassins Creed Odyssey’s release date of October 5th (or October 2nd depending on which of the many editions you decide to purchase) is quickly approaching...

Yes, We’re (Almost) 100% Positive We’ve Figured Out the Location of the Elder Scrolls 6

There's no doubting that Bethesda dropped the bombshell on us at E3 2018! Not only did they reveal and finally confirm that Star Field was...

Spiderman webslings himself into Game of Show status.

Growing up like any normal kid I was obsessed with superheroes, my Saturday morning routine consisted of sitting in front of a television watching my...

From Origins to Odyssey: The RPG circle is complete.

Building on our recent feature on Assassins Creed Odyssey, IGN sat down with Ubisoft after the showcase to talk more on Assassins Creed Odyssey! During this...