Jordan Ramée - Channel Director

Executive Editor, Newspaper Publishing

A geek by occupation, Jordan enjoys spending his weekends at conventions and trading opinions about video games or the newest show with his peers. When he's not producing videos or writing articles for Gamer Professionals, you'll find him hosting Anime Trap, a podcast that delves into anime and manga, explaining geek culture on his personal YouTube channel, or writing about creators and builders for Make: magazine.


It’s Foolish to Not Release Guacamelee 2 on the PlayStation Vita

Sony is making a big mistake by launching Guacamelee 2 solely on the PS4. With the Switch's recent popularity, people are once again looking at the Vita.

I Feel Bad for The New Colossus, I Really Do

Players and developers are looking to Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus to prove whether or not EA was right to shut down Visceral. That's just not fair.

Forza Motorsport 7 Review (Xbox One)

Developed by Turn 10 Studios, Forza Motorsport 7 offers nearly a thousand cars to collect and several dozen tracks where players can test their mettle.

EA Closes Down Visceral, Reassigns Amy Hennig’s Star Wars Project

EA is closing down Visceral, the studio responsible for Dead Space, and reassigning the team's Star Wars project to EA Vancouver.

Conga Master Party! Review (Nintendo Switch)

Rising Star Games' Conga Master Party! is a party game that puts the player in control of a conga master who must groove his way through several challenges.