Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub Update

Sega have announced they will be updating the Sega Mega Drive Classics library on Steam, with the addition of the Hub. It will available in a free update anyone with a classic Sega game in their account, and will be released April 28th. The Hub will be an interactive bedroom reminiscent of an early 90sContinue reading “Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub Update”

Kirby: Planet Robobot Gameplay Video Released

Fans of Kirby will be excited to hear a gameplay video for the upcoming game has been released by CoroCoro, the popular Japanese gaming publication. Although the 13-minute video is in Japanese, it showcases the new mechanics of the game. It starts off with the traditional platform-focused gameplay of Kirby. All of the classic movesContinue reading “Kirby: Planet Robobot Gameplay Video Released”

Factorio Review (Steam)

There is no denying the existence of the crafting system. Within this genre, there exists a subset of games which use this as one of their main mechanics; in isolation, this mechanic can quickly become tiresome and boring. Factorio, developed by Wube Software over the past four years, has taken this concept and adds intricacy toContinue reading “Factorio Review (Steam)”

Starbound To Be Released From Early Acess

Chucklefish, the creators of the indie game Starbound, have announced they are preparing to update the game to version 1.0. This will bring an end to the lengthy early access it has experienced on Steam. In the blog post, the developer’s reassured players there will be continued updates for the game in the future, andContinue reading “Starbound To Be Released From Early Acess”

Final Fantasy XV to Receive Accompanying Short Anime Series

As we found out during the live Final Fantasy XV Uncovered event today, Final Fantasy XV is getting its own anime series named Brotherhood: Final Fantasy XV. It will consist of five 10-minute long episodes which will all be available free on YouTube. The series will follow the main character Noctis and tell the storyContinue reading “Final Fantasy XV to Receive Accompanying Short Anime Series”

Killer Instinct Released For Windows 10

The legendary fighting game, Killer Instinct, has made the leap to Windows 10, after being Xbox One-exclusive since its launch in 2013. The game comes with a slew of new features and content in addition to some very nice updated visuals. The game will receive a single player mode called Shadow Lords at a laterContinue reading “Killer Instinct Released For Windows 10”

Three Classic SNES Games Released For 3DS eShop

Nintendo released three classic SNES games for the New 3DS eShop this week. This is the second batch of SNES games released. These games are only playable on the New 3DS and run on the 3DS Virtual Console. These games are limited to the New 3DS for the high processing power required to run the emulator.Continue reading “Three Classic SNES Games Released For 3DS eShop”

Playstation VR Price And Release Date

In an announcement at the ongoing Game Developer Conference, Sony has announced the price and release date of the Playstation VR today. Sony’s take on the VR headset will be available in October this year, and will cost £349/€399/$399. This does not include the Playstation Camera which is required for head-tracking. The system also requiresContinue reading “Playstation VR Price And Release Date”

Second Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Trailer Unveiled

Sword Art Online fans in Japan will be pleased to hear Sword Are Online: Hollow Realization will be released for the PS4 and PS Vita this fall. Bandai Namco announced this information alongside a second trailer for the game. The title has already been confirmed for a Western release, but no release date has beenContinue reading “Second Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization Trailer Unveiled”

Sony Begins Handing Out Free Games for 2011 PSN Breach

It has been five years since the infamous 2011 PlayStation Network hack which compromised approximately 77 million accounts and caused the Sony network to be shutdown for three weeks. Sony has already offered free games to compensate the affected users at that time, but now the company is beginning the rollout of free games to anyone who participatedContinue reading “Sony Begins Handing Out Free Games for 2011 PSN Breach”

Kirby: Planet Robobot Takes Us To Dreamland

Today’s Nintendo Direct stream has revealed a gameplay trailer which took us back to Dreamland in Kirby: Planet Robobot, which has been mechanized by robotic invaders. Just like previous games, the gameplay has players jumping between the foreground and background to complete side-scrolling levels. Kirby will be able to copy up to 25 different enemy abilities,Continue reading “Kirby: Planet Robobot Takes Us To Dreamland”

Minecraft Combat Update Released On PC

Mojang has officially released the Minecraft Patch 1.9 combat-centric update. This update brings a slew of new features to expand the game from the original which consisted of simply building. Previously, combat in the game consisted of furiously dealing as many attacks towards an enemy in the hopes that they succumb to damage before you did. Now theContinue reading “Minecraft Combat Update Released On PC”