Michael Pyre

Executive Editor, Newspaper Publishing



CS:GO Battle Royale: Valve’s Last Hope To Stay On Top

  Counter Strike: Global Offensive which back before PUBG and Fortnite, was one of the worlds most played online shooters, is going free to play. Not...

The Outer Worlds is a New a Single Player RPG from Obsidian

Yes, you heard it right! Obsidian is making a brand new RPG called The Outer Worlds. This time they seem to stepping away from realm...

Microsoft Acquires Legendary Obsidian Entertainment

Yes, you read it right. Microsoft the makers of Xbox One acquired legendary studio behind Star Wars The Knights of Old Republic II: The Sith...

Red Dead Redemption 2 is Rockstar’s Best Game Yet

Red Dead Redemption 2 surpasses all of Rockstar's previous work. This might be quite controversial opinion as Rockstar are responsible for some of the most...

Another Diablo Game Is on Its Way, but Its for Mobile Devices

During Blizzcon 2018, a new addition to the legendary Diablo franchise was announced. However, this new game in the is coming to...mobile devices. Titled Diablo Immortal it will...