Nintendo Files Suit Against ROM Websites

If you love ROMs, Nintendo may not be in love with you. On July 19th, Nintendo filed suit in the Arizona federal court against Jacob Mathias and Mathias Designs for copyright infringement. The dispute arises from the websites and, both of which held hundreds of Nintendo game ROMS for download. Nintendo takes a hardline stance against ROMS.Continue reading “Nintendo Files Suit Against ROM Websites”

Bioware Provides a Deep Look Into Anthem During Q&A Session

Bioware provided a deep dive on their new IP Anthem with a Q&A session during EA’s press conference at E3 2018. Here’s a quick run down of all we learnt. Anthem is set on a world called Tarsis which was left unfinished by the Gods (whoever they are). The Gods left behind not only the world butContinue reading “Bioware Provides a Deep Look Into Anthem During Q&A Session”

Unravel 2 Announced at E3 2018 – Available to Play Now!

Unravel 2 has just been announced at E3 2018 during the EA conference, the sequel to Unravel. It is meant to be played in co-op, but can be played solo. Players take control of two different characters made of yarn who must cross a variety of platforming levels. Unravel 2 requires players to solve puzzlesContinue reading “Unravel 2 Announced at E3 2018 – Available to Play Now!”

Nintendo Investigated for Possible Patent Infringement

The U.S. International Trade Commission has voted to institute an investigation into Nintendo for importing products that may infringe on a US patent. The investigation is based on a complaint filed by Gamevice, Inc. on March 30, 2018. The complaint alleges Nintendo violated section 337 of the Tariff Act by importing “certain portable gaming consoleContinue reading “Nintendo Investigated for Possible Patent Infringement”

Tower 57 Review (PC)

Operation Wind of Change. That’s the confidential mission awaiting the three agents when they step off the train at Tower 57. The tower is home to Grutin Inc., a manufacturing company that recently experienced a small takeover by The Supervisor. Worried that the uprising could spread to the surrounding towers, the agents are sent inContinue reading “Tower 57 Review (PC)”

Hawaii Legislature Considers Restricting the Sale of Loot Boxes

Loot boxes continue to be a hot topic around the world. Germany is considering regulating in game purchases, including loot boxes. Sweden may classify loot boxes as a form of gambling. Belgium has already classified loot boxes as gambling. On the other side of the debate, New Zealand has decided loot boxes are not aContinue reading “Hawaii Legislature Considers Restricting the Sale of Loot Boxes”

Capture the Flag returning to Overwatch

In yesterday’s Developer Update, Jeff Kaplin announced the return of Overwatch’s Lunar New Year Event which will last for four weeks. Called “The Year of the Dog,” this update brings “awesome and new stuff.” Jeff didn’t detail everything that would be released with the new update, but he did provide some minor details. The updateContinue reading “Capture the Flag returning to Overwatch”

Bluehole Studios Names PUbG’s New Desert Map

Developer Bluehole Studios recently announced that when its test servers come back online, its new desert map will be available for players to explore. In anticipation for when that occurs, Bluehole Studios has officially named the new desert map.  Welcome to Miramar! Miramar appears to be much different from the default map, Erangel. One apparent differenceContinue reading “Bluehole Studios Names PUbG’s New Desert Map”

EA “Turning Off” Microtransactions is Not a Win

Despite growing concerns, that we ourselves share, microtransactions are becoming the norm. And right now, there cannot be a discussion about microtransactions without mentioning EA, perhaps one of its biggest peddlers. EA has been the center of the gaming community’s frustration over microtransactions with their inclusion in Star Wars Battlefront II. Well, just last night,Continue reading “EA “Turning Off” Microtransactions is Not a Win”