Microsoft Announces Full Gwent Game

Gwent, the card game from the critically acclaimed game The Witcher 3, is being turned into a full game. Instead of just playing against NPCs in-game, you will be able to play with real people from around the world. It is going into closed beta in September 2016. There will be a story mode in additionContinue reading “Microsoft Announces Full Gwent Game”

Square Enix Shows Off Final Fantasy XV Demo

During Microsoft’s press conference, Square Enix took the stage to showcase a fight against a huge titan in Final Fantasy XV. It seems to be very reminiscent of games like Monster Hunter or Shadow of the Colossus, where the player has to find weak points in a giant monster in order to take them down.Continue reading “Square Enix Shows Off Final Fantasy XV Demo”

General Raam Added to Killer Instinct Roster

Microsoft announced during their press conference that General Raam from Gears of War would be the newest addition to the Killer Instinct cast of characters. He will be released with the rest of the season 3 characters. The exact release date has not been announced yet. Killer Instinct originally came out on November 22, 2013.

Microsoft Announces Xbox One Slim

Known as the “Xbox One S”, the new version of the Xbox One is 40% smaller than the current version. It also comes with a 2 Terabyte hard drive, 4K Ultra HD video, and High Dynamic Range. It comes with a new, more streamlined controller as well as a vertical stand for the console. ItContinue reading “Microsoft Announces Xbox One Slim”

List of Confirmed Games at E3 2016

These are all of the games that are confirmed to be shown off during E3. Some of them will be shown separately at different venues from E3 itself, such as at EA Play. All of these games will be seen in some form during the week of E3, whether that is through a playable demo, a presentation,Continue reading “List of Confirmed Games at E3 2016”

Angry Birds Movie Flies Past Captain America

According to Box Office Mojo, The Angry Birds Movie has passed Captain America: Civil War in the box office last weekend, making $39 million. Captain America has slipped to second place after holding first place for two weeks in a row, but not before it broke $1 billion in worldwide sales. It made $33.1 millionContinue reading “Angry Birds Movie Flies Past Captain America”