Joanna Wolford

Executive Editor, Newspaper Publishing

I am an SNHU alumni with a B.A. degree in creative writing/screenwriting. I have a passion for all video games. I was the little kid who used to stay up until six in the morning playing Atari (yes Atari!). I love, love, love anything horror, anything with a good storyline, and indie games. My favorite games are The Last of us, Resident Evil series, and Silent Hill series. I enjoy both console and PC gaming. Sophie's curse and FNAF keep me up at night, and I will never get used to jumpscares!


First-Person Gaming and Motion Sickness

Some of the most notable games are in first-person: Outlast, Bioshock, COD, Far Cry; the list goes on. The beauty of a first-person game is that they're designed to...

A Preview of Sophie’s Curse

Sophie's Curse could easily be considered one of the scariest PC games of 2016. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the PC game, Sophie’s...