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Destiny 2 Expansion – Details on ‘Curse of Osiris’ Revealed in Stream

Bungie had it's first stream about the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Curse of Osiris, on Twitch. This stream focused on the characters we will encounter, story, and changes...

It is Assassin’s Creed’s Ten Year Anniversary Already?!

I cannot believe that it has already been TEN years since the release of the first Assassin's Creed! When the game released in 2007, I...

Ana Bray, What Does She Have To Do With Destiny 2’s Expansion II?

I ventured out into the forgotten world of grimoire cards to find out who Ana Bray is and why she might be the one on...

Some People Aren’t Scared of Horror Games, but I Really Am

As much as I dislike horror games, I still want to play them because they seem so enticing. I get scared very easily, with even...

Destiny 2 Expansion I Curse of Osiris Reveal Trailer

After a leak earlier this year, the next expansion for Destiny 2 has been confirmed to be named Curse of Osiris. During Sony's Paris Games...