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Valve Acquires Campo Santo, Indie Developers of Firewatch

In a post on Campo Santo's development blog, the company announced that they will be joining Valve. Campo Santo's post strongly projects a reliable alliance between the...

Things to Keep in Mind Before Bungie’s Warmind Reveal Stream

Bungie is unveiling information rapidly before the release of the second DLC for Destiny 2 on May 8. Here are pieces of information gathered from "This Week...

The Path to Luma is a Peaceful Puzzle Game with a Message

The indie game developer, Phosphor Games Studios, released The Path to Luma in 2015, but I just got around to playing it. This is a puzzle...

Bungie Updates Roadmap, Warmind Reveal on the Way

Season 3 of Destiny 2 is expected to begin on May 8th, which means the second expansion is right around the corner. Last week, the Bungie...

Bungie Bounty Reveals Changes in Destiny 2 for Season 3

It has been a little over a week since update 1.1.4 and Bungie has answers prepared for eager fans who want to what is next...