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Hi there, I'm Spencer Holmes, Junior Writer for GamerPros.com! Avid reader, writer, and fan of the video game industry. I hope to be the best that I can be in this world and everything I do in it. Fan of anime, and a lover of dogs.



Elder Scrolls Legends: Building a Rival

At this E3, 2016, there was more information released of Bethesda's very own Online Card Game: Elder Scroll Legends. A game where you will be utilizing...

Elder Scrolls Legends: A view into Bethesda’s Online Card Game

This E3, at the Bethesda Panel we were given a view of a new online card game by the name of Elder Scrolls Legends. In this...

Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Gameplay Trailer Released

A Kingdom Hearts 2.8 gameplay trailer has just been released, and it offers a ton of new content not previously seen. Releasing a slew of new...

Take a walk this Night in the Woods

Coming sometime in 2016 with no set date is a Night in the Woods. This is an indie adventure game created by Infinite Fall and funded...

Enter the Holy Grail War in Fate/Grand Order

Gaining a lot of hype in Japan right now is Fate/Grand Order, and it is gaining a steady following here in the United States. In the...