Uncharted 4 Delayed By Two Weeks

Fans of Sony’s popular Uncharted series are likely to be rather upset by the news today, as the fourth iteration of the franchise has been pushed back despite being just about to go gold. Originally dated for April 26th, Naughty Dog has made the decision to postpone the full launch of the title until May 10th, 2016Continue reading “Uncharted 4 Delayed By Two Weeks”

The Division Allegedly Has No Microtransactions

In what might actually be another positive move on the part of Ubisoft (following the current trend of the company actually being a decent company for the first time in years,) it seems that The Division won’t contain microtransactions, cosmetic or otherwise, upon launch. According to this tweet from Natchai Stappers, Ubisoft’s community manager, there will be no payContinue reading “The Division Allegedly Has No Microtransactions”

I’m Okay With No AAA Titles For PS Plus/GWG

I’m likely going to be making a rather large portion of the internet angry with what I’m about to say, but here goes: I really enjoy the free indie games that I get every month from Playstation and Microsoft. I honestly prefer the offerings on current generation consoles more than I did back when monthlyContinue reading “I’m Okay With No AAA Titles For PS Plus/GWG”

Sony to Improve Quality of LCD TVs in Order to Surpass OLED Competitors

Sony’s not just looking to advance the quality of their game console in the coming months, it seems, but also the tech on their other products as well. According to this post on Engadget, the Japanese giant is in the process of making improvements to their TVs in a bid to surpass the visual qualityContinue reading “Sony to Improve Quality of LCD TVs in Order to Surpass OLED Competitors”

Rumor: Ubisoft’s Yearly Assassin’s Creed Games to End With AC: Empire

It appears as if Ubisoft has finally learned that quality is more important than yearly sales, at least concerning its most popular franchise. Similar to the Far Cry series, Ubi has made the decision to stagger the releases of new Assassin’s Creed games so that they release every other year, most likely in an attempt to remove the manyContinue reading “Rumor: Ubisoft’s Yearly Assassin’s Creed Games to End With AC: Empire”

Star Wars Battlefront Sold 12 Million Copies, Unfortunately

It seems that the Star Wars brand name alone is enough to bring even the most mediocre of things to insane popularity. Despite the sheer mediocrity of the title in question, EA’s Star Wars Battlefront has sold a ludicrous amount of copies within the past two months, with this article from Fortune putting the total number of games soldContinue reading “Star Wars Battlefront Sold 12 Million Copies, Unfortunately”

Diablo III Greyhollow Island Information Revealed

While Blizzard may not have gone so far as to announce a new expansion for their incredibly popular dungeon crawler at this year’s Blizzcon, players will be glad to know that they are getting something close. In the coming months, the developer intends to release patch 2.4 for Diablo III as the kickoff to Season 5, planningContinue reading “Diablo III Greyhollow Island Information Revealed”

Early-Access Title Nekro Back In Development

As one of the more popular Early Access games on the Steam Marketplace, the demon-summoning ARPG Nekro had quite a lot of the community worried when the frequent content updates the game had been receiving suddenly stopped. A week passed without any news. Then two weeks. Then a month. Then six months. Many people began to think that theContinue reading “Early-Access Title Nekro Back In Development”

Stop Defending Microtransactions: A History of Gaming Greed

Oh, games industry, how far you have fallen. It was once upon a time that you released games that didn’t try to coax extra money out of your players, when you were focused on fun and the joy of players over the profit that could be made from it. Where did your passion go, andContinue reading “Stop Defending Microtransactions: A History of Gaming Greed”

EA Creates New eSports Division

It seems that the eSports industry is growing a bit today with the announcement of EA’s new Competitive Gaming division, which intends to bring the likes of Battlefield and FIFA to a more focused competitive circuit. While the company has made efforts towards more popular competitive events in the past, most notably with the FIFA World Cup, this marks theContinue reading “EA Creates New eSports Division”

Earth Defense Force 4.1 Released On PS4

Any day an Earth Defense Force title launches is a good day indeed, and those in the US are sure to be in for a treat as the newest iteration to the popular bug squashing simulator has hit store shelves. The fabulously named Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair isn’t exactly a completely new entry inContinue reading “Earth Defense Force 4.1 Released On PS4”

Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Going To Be Episodic, And That’s Disgusting

In perhaps one of the finest examples of corporate greed in gaming (well, outside of everything Konami has been doing,) it was just revealed that the highly-anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake will not be shipped as a whole product, but instead in bite-sized chunks, because of course the most popular title in Square’s library needed to makeContinue reading “Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Going To Be Episodic, And That’s Disgusting”