A.V.G.N. Is Now an Amazon Exclusive… Kind Of. Is It the End of Youtube?

AVGN Amazon

The Angry Video Game Nerd is one of the most popular and longest running gaming-based web series. Formerly known as Angry Nintendo Nerd, the show popularized gaming videos on the internet, helping move the gaming media from magazines to world wide web. Being one of the most popular faces on the internet, James Rolfe (The Nerd) has brought millions of fans back to the past, playing many bad (and few good) retro games. With over 12 seasons and a movie, A.V.G.N. has become a classic YouTube show. 

AVGN Amazon

The YouTube Situation

Over the past few years the situation on YouTube has been getting quite bad. Much of the content has been deemed not advertiser friendly which lead to mass demonetization. This had made YouTube seem like a less lucrative platform for those interesting in becoming influencers in the gaming scene, compared to other, newer forms of exposure. This has caused many creators quit or diametrically change their content.

Is A.V.G.N. Amazon Exclusive Now?

Not exactly. The newest A.V.G.N. episode, titled simply “EarthBound”, is available for free on Amazon right now, with the YouTube version coming next week. It seem that Nerd has a good head on his shoulders, as this is a best way keep A.V.G.N. show as profane as ever.

What is Amazon Video?

Amazon Videos is a streaming service similar to Netflix. Being more polished and better monitored than YouTube, Amazon certainly seems to put more emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Every show is rated similarly to movies which keeps content age-appropriate for the user. Other than that it doesn’t differ much from YouTube. You can watch A.V.G.N. for free as usual with ads or, if you have Amazon Prime, without.

Amazon versus YouTube

The Nerd is not the first creator to jump over to Amazon, but he is the biggest for sure, and it’s just matter of time for others to follow. Being much more lenient with adult content, Amazon can provide freedom to creators, which YouTube just does not want to give anymore. This could mean a big shift in gaming media, and similar shift in its quality. No longer needing to censor their content, creators could create better and more creative content, which would be a positive change.   


YouTube has, without question, popularized video content on the internet, yet there is a big chance that Amazon will finally do it right. Some may say it is too late for that, but if PUBG has taught us anything, it’s that it doesn’t matter who does it first, but who does it best.