Bandai Namco to Demonstrate VR Projects


If you happen to be in the Tokyo area, and are interested in checking out the Bandai Namco approach to Virtual Reality gaming, the company’s new VR Experience Center may be right up your alley. The ‘VR Zone: Project I Can’ event will run from April 15 to October, and serves as a demonstration of small-scale VR gaming projects.

The games on display are as follows:

  • Fear of Heights Show: Rescue a cat located on a thin wooden plank 650ft above the ground.
  • Ski Rodeo: A ski simulation with high cliffs
  • Real Drive: Drive a sports car on a circuit
  • Escape Ward Omega: A horror game in a giant abandoned hospital
  • Train Meister: A simulation that puts you in control of a train on the Yamanote Line
  • Argyle Shift: A mecha battle simulation where you and your co-pilot take on another giant robot.

It’s a relatively small scale exhibit, but there are some interesting concepts on display. Bandai Namco released an accompanying video of the ‘Fear of Heights’ simulation, complete with player reactions. It’s perhaps not quite as extensive as the Sword Art Online VR MMO that was previously demonstrated, but a diverse range of options is important for an emergent technology like VR gaming.

Further details can be found here (Japanese text), or on the official website, which is set to open soon.