New Details on Mount & Blade II Bannerlord At E3


During the PC Gaming showcase at the E3 2016, TaleWorlds shone some more light on their anticipated title Mount & Blade II Bannerlord, sequel to the praised game Mount & Blade Warband. They showed us a new trailer, mainly concentrating on the siege mechanics of the game. The release date, however, was not revealed.


For those who don’t know what Mount & Blade is all about, it’s a series of medieval-themed RPGs focusing on big battle scenes and sieges. The player creates a character, develops their skills and recruits an army soldier by soldier. You begin by fighting bandits to gain money, and use that money later to buy a bigger army to fight the lords of the fictional world of Calradia.

The trailer showed a grand siege battle, and some new mechanics. New to the series are siege engines such as mangonels. The graphics have been upgraded from the last entry, but other than that, the game looked very similar to Warband. The developer mentioned in his commentary that by conquering castles and towns you gain natural resources, also a new mechanic to the series.