Battlefield 1 Beta is Open and Live


For those of you who who can’t quite wait until the release of EA and Dice‘s upcoming first-person war shooter Battlefield 1 on October 21st, EA has just opened up the Battlefield 1 beta to everyone. Having previously only been open to Battlefield Insiders, the beta is now open to the general public.

If you download the beta for Xbox One, you will be required to have an active subscription to Xbox Live. PlayStation 4 players, however, will not need to have an up-to-date PlayStation Plus membership to jump into the Battlefield 1 beta. Xbox and PlayStation players can download the beta, which sits around 6 GB, through their store/marketplace (PlayStation download here, Xbox download here). PC players will have to download the beta via EA‘s PC client Origin.

Battlefield 1 Beta Horse Combat

The Battlefield 1 beta will showcase two game modes: Conquest and Rush. Conquest is a returning fan-favorite mode where 64 players compete to achieve the map’s objectives. Rush is a mode being introduced in Battlefield 1 where an attacking team must destroy telegraph posts belonging to the defending team. These telegraph posts give the defending team the ability to call in artillery strikes, and once a post has been destroyed, the defenders must fall back to protect the remaining posts.

Players in the beta will get to try out the Sinai Desert map which was showcased at this year’s Gamescom. The trailer can be seen below. Horses will be mountable and are effective against vehicles, including the armored train in the beta. Dice has even included a list of helpful tips to support players in dominating the beta.