Battlefront 2’s New Clone Trooper Customization


EA and DICE have released a new Community Transmission going over the revamped Clone Trooper customization system, which will release alongside the Chosen One update on February 27. For those who didn’t know, this update will bring Anakin Skywalker to Star Wars Battlefront 2. Along with Anakin, comes the 501st Battalion and a revamped version of Clone Trooper customization.

Battlefront 2's New Clone Trooper Customization

EA Community Manager, F8RGE, said that the team knows that Clone Trooper armor has been a point of discussion in the Star Wars Battlefront 2 community over the last few months. He stated that they have received a lot of feedback about authenticity when it comes to the different Legions, and as such, have been working with Lucasfilm to bring players more options for customization while keeping that authenticity that players expect.

Default Appearances

Default Appearances in Star Wars Battlefront 2 are changing with this new update. Starting February 27, the old default appearances are being changed to “Shinies”. This term was derogatory in nature and came from experienced Clone Troopers when referring to Rookies or Cadets, as their armor was still shiny, unlike other battle-hardened Clone Troopers.


Battlefront 2's New Clone Trooper Customization
104th Legion Phase I

Another change coming with this update allows players to independently choose between Phase I and Phase II Clone Troopers. F8RGE stated that this was done to allow players to use whichever Phase of the respective Legion they prefer. This can be done regardless of the planet you are playing on.

Trooper Variety

Battlefront 2's New Clone Trooper Customization
104th Legion Phase II

With the new customization system, troopers will be even more visually distinguishable from one another. A Heavy trooper will now have different markings than that of a Specialist (Assault, Officer, etc.) while still maintaining the overall appearance of the Legion to which they belong.

Armored Officers

F8RGE explained that some of the most prominent feedback the team has received is in regards to Officers and their lack of armor. Currently, in Star Wars Battlefront 2, the Officer class wears only the naval uniform. With the Chosen One update, Officers will be able to don armor just like the rest of the classes in-game. The naval uniform will now be a free unlock for anyone looking to use it after the update launches.


With the new Clone Trooper Customization, the number of potential Legions to choose from in Star Wars Battlefront 2 will increase. The list is as follows:

  • New Default “Shinies” (including the Navy Officer)
  • 501st Battalion
  • 327th Star Corps
  • 91st Recon Corps (w/ new helmet)
  • 104th Wolf Pack
  • 212th Attack Battalion
  • Coruscant Guard
  • 41st Elite Corps
  • 181st Armor Division
  • 41st Ranger Platoon

Exchange Crates

Along with the new appearance changes, the team will be implementing a form of exchange crate allowing players to exchange the old appearances for the new ones. It was explained that due to this, the existing appearances will be removed from the game. F8RGE had this to say,

“What this means is that anyone that currently owns either, or multiple of the 104th, 212th, 41st, 327th or 91st Appearances will receive the updated versions via an in-game crate. Simply head to the crate menu once the update is live and you’ll find your new Appearances waiting for you.”

Appearance Costs

Since things are being changed around with the introduction of Armored Officers and Phases, the in-game prices for legion bundles have also been changed to reflect this. Legion bundles will now include armored officers and cost 60,000 credits or 1,500 crystals, as opposed to their original price of 40,000 credits or 500 crystals. Each bundle will contain all of the Phase II appearances for the respective Legion. Phase II troopers will cost 20,000 credits or 500 crystals, and be classified as rare, and Phase I troopers will cost 5,000 credits or 150 crystals and be classified as common.

On February 27 players will also be gifted the “Legion Crate”. The goal of this crate is to give players a head start by granting them some of the new Phase I and II appearances, along with 60,000 credits. It will grant players:

  • 41st Ranger Platoon (Phase I and II)
  • All four Phase I appearances for the 41st, 91st, 104th, 212th, and 327th Legions
  • 60,000 credits

It was also stated that the “Legion Crate” will be available indefinitely.

Coruscant Guard

If you’re unfamiliar with the Coruscant Guard, they were an elite division of Clone Troopers tasked with protecting the capital of the Galactic Republic. The Coruscant Guard was also known to travel off-world on missions with the Jedi. They even served as the personal bodyguard for members of the Galactic Senate, including Senator Palpatine. They can be identified by their signature red markings on their armor.

501st Battalion

Battlefront 2's New Clone Trooper Customization
501st Battalion Phase I
Battlefront 2's New Clone Trooper Customization
501st Battalion Phase II

The 501st Battalion was led by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Captain Rex. They fought in many of the most crucial battles in the Clone Wars. Due to this, and the fact that they fought alongside Anakin, these Clone Troopers were known to be more adaptable and resourceful thanks to all of their diverse experiences in battle. They would use uncommon tactics, outside of training, to win battles, though never at the expense of innocent lives. The combination of Anakin’s unorthodox thinking, combined with Captain Rex’s battle-hardened tactics, led the 501st Battalion to become one of the most revered Clone Legions in the Grand Army of the Republic.

All of these features will be available on February 27, when the Chosen One Update is released for Star Wars Battlefront 2. Are you glad to see more customization options for Clone Troopers? Let us know in the comments!