Battlefront’s Ultimate Edition Revealed

EA has taken the currently-running Star Wars Battlefront beta test as an opportunity to announce both the Season Pass, and an ‘Ultimate Edition’ for the upcoming release. The Season Pass gives players access to four separate expansion packs to be announced at a later date, including new maps, equipment and emotes. Additionally, the Season Pass grants early access to each expansion pack, and an exclusive emote.

The Ultimate Edition contains a range of exclusive digital content, including two exclusive emotes, instant access to three pieces of equipment, and a Season Pass. Pre-ordering any version of the game also grants access to the “Battle of Jakku” map pack, which will be made available to other players at a later date. Most of this content can also be found in the Deluxe Edition pack, with the exception of the Season Pass.

As a companion to this announcement, EA has also extended the beta period by one day. The Season Pass is set to run for about US$50, and is available for pre-purchase on all systems now. The Ultimate Edition is priced at US$120, with the previously-announced Deluxe Edition priced at US$70. The pricing seems rather wonky, with no real advantage to picking the Ultimate Edition over the Deluxe plus a Season Pass, but we’ll find out for sure how Star Wars Battlefront pans out when it releases on November 17.

Source: Official Website

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