Battletech Reveal – PC Gaming E3 Conference


The team behind Battletech have shown off some new details of their turn-based mech strategy game. The game itself is based on an old-school tabletop war game, it looks to capture the strategic gameplay of the old game but with the ease of play of a video game. Being a big fan of tabletop war gaming, I am very excited to see a game like Battletech being remade for a modern audience.

The game will have skirmish modes and classic multiplayer where players can smash each other to bits with their custom forces of destruction. From my first impressions of the game, I am loving the weight of the mechs and their weaponry. Each shot and move feels like you are truly commanding a super-heavy weapon of death. Inclusion of melee combat and long range rocket barrages will certainly allow for a great variety of options for gamers to chose from when making their armies.

Finally, the game will also include a single player story mode, that allows you to command your own mercenary band and fly across the galaxy completing contracts in your own ship – The Argo. Money earned will allow for upgrades to both your ship and your soldiers which will give the game a lot more to stick around for during matches.

Battletech has been confirmed for a Q3 or a Q4 2017 release.