Bethesda Details Rage 2


Peter Hines took the stage stage for the fourth annual Bethesda annual E3 showcase for the opener. To begin the show, he discussed the company’s development philosophy, talked about the top titles, and how they finally opened up their development to the Switch. They also were the best developer of the year according to Metacritic.

To begin with Rage 2, the company brought out a full music band to unveil some music from Andew W.K. He definitely brought the house down with an enthusiastic performance. Then, Tim Willits and Magnus Nedfors from Avalanche Studios walked on stage to announce the return of the game in a more official capacity – an open world shooter that transports players to a dystopian future devoid of law and order. You main as Walker, the last ranger of the wasteland.

A trailer came with this information, and you can find it here – you should watch it, it features vehicle combat.

Rage 2 releases in Spring 2019 with a demo playable at E3.