Fallout 76 Players Given Free Fallout Games



Since its release back in November of 2018, a majority of the gaming community has agreed that Fallout 76 is a flaming tire fire. Along with being a bad game, Bethesda also faced public relations issues such as the cheap nylon bag replacing the canvas bag people were promised with the Collector’s Edition.

Now, in a continuation of their attempts to pacify their fans, Bethesda is giving everyone who played Fallout 76 in 2018 free copies of Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics. The three games come to about a $33 CAD on Steam.

The games are only available on PC, so those who played Fallout 76 on PS4 or Xbox One will have to redeem them on their computers, but it won’t require a high grade PC for these 20 year old games.

When you open your Bethesda.net launcher, you should get a notification saying they have been added to your account, but some people have reported not getting a notification and the games simply appearing on their games list.

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