Bethesda Releases Fallout 76 Trailer On Microsoft Stage


Todd Howard made an appearance today on the Microsoft E3 2018 stage today to release new details about Fallout 76. Howard released today that Fallout 76 would be set in West Virginia and that the game would be roughly about four times as big as its predecessor, Fallout 4. Fallout 76  is also a prequel to all previously released games in the Fallout franchise.

Todd Howard also released a new trailer for the next installment in the series which details new images and what looks to be a small snippet of gameplay for the game. Fallout 76 was teased recently in a social media post made by the official Bethesda accounts but left fans of the series wanting for more. There are some speculations on what the new game is going to play like, it is currently thought that we will be looking at an online style game that is akin to games like Rust or H1Z1. A new look for the game would be a welcome addition to many players for the next game in the franchise. Bethesda will more than likely be releasing new details soon about Fallout 76. For all of your Fallout news needs, keep it here with us at Gamerpros!

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