Beyond Good & Evil 2 Trailer, Gameplay, Details

Ubisoft revealed their second cinematic trailer for Beyond Good & Evil 2 at their press conference at this year’s E3. The trailer spends more time with each of the characters, showing some sort of intergalactic attack on the planet.

Pey’j gets highlighted in the story, though most of the focus is on Shani, who is now the main protagonist. She rushes into her single seat spaceship to combat the attack from space. In the climactic moment of the trailer, we see the return of Jade, the main character from the first game.

In addition to the cinematic trailer, we see our first real look at gameplay in pre-alpha footage. The developers have stressed that the small amount that they demonstrated at E3 is nothing compared to

Ubisoft are calling on artists all over the world to contribute to the world of Beyond Good & Evil 2, which means this is a huge endeavor that regular people can have a big part in. They have stressed that this isn’t really a ‘contest’ of whose work makes it into the game, but rather a collaboration between the artist and the game studio. Ubisoft have a partnership with HitRecord, an online collaborative music production company founded by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Hopefully there will be more details on that in the future, because it sounds very intriguing.


Published by Ben Eberle - Senior Editor

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