‘BioShock The Collection’ Spotted on 2K Games Website

After numerous leaks late last year, it seems like the rumored BioShock The Collection is almost certainly in development. After a teaser tweet by the official BioShock Twitter (seen below), 2K Games briefly hosted a webpage highlighting the game and some artwork. The link has been updated to redirect to the 2K Games homepage.


The webpage for BioShock The Collection did not give much information, and very little is known about the game. Presumably, it will be the standard ‘remaster previous games’ formula spanning from the original BioShock all the way up to BioShock Infinite. Hopefully, it will include the DLC for BioShock Infinite, most notably Burial At Sea which takes Booker Dewitt back to Rapture. Screenshots from the website show possible box art including both Rapture and Columbia, lending credence to the idea that the collection will span the entire series.


No release date has been given for BioShock The Collection, but you can count on gamers around the world running with pockets full of cash to the nearest retailer. That is, if 2K has learned from the disaster that was Microsoft’s Master Chief Collection. The original BioShock received universal praise from both major reviewers and gamers, consistently earning perfect or near-perfect scores. BioShock 2 experienced a generally positive reception, and most critics placed it in the 8/10 range. BioShock Infinite was a common Game of the Year pick in 2013, and snagged several perfect scores despite widespread disappointment with its gameplay. BioShock The Collection will probably be worth your time if 2K does its due diligence, and many gamers will await the remake of this classic series with baited breath.

Published by Jordan Aslett - Managing Editor

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