Bioware Provides a Deep Look Into Anthem During Q&A Session

Bioware provided a deep dive on their new IP Anthem with a Q&A session during EA’s press conference at E3 2018. Here’s a quick run down of all we learnt.

Anthem is set on a world called Tarsis which was left unfinished by the Gods (whoever they are). The Gods left behind not only the world but their tools, and a force called “The Anthem of Creation”. The God’s tools and the Anthem of Creation are creating a world in constant flux. Powered suits of armor must be worn to protect against the harsh environment. Players will control their own protagonist, known as “Freelancers” which are uniquely skilled to pilot suits called “Javalins”. There are four types: the Ranger, Colossus, Storm, and the Interceptor and they all have different abilities. These suits allow the Freelancers to battle against the “Dominion”, the ancient rivals of the Freelancers. The Dominion believe they have figured out how to weaponize the Anthem of Creation and must be stopped.

Players are not forced to pick one Javelin throughout their experience. Players may decide which Javelin to wear based on the mission or which Javelins their friends are wearing. Each suit has its own unique abilities. For example, the Ranger is designed for close quarters combat. The Colossus is a tankier suit with bigger weapons.

Boiware General Manager, Casey Hudsen, explained that they wanted to develop a new world for players to discover and enjoy. Bioware also wanted to create a dynamic and living world which would provide a unique experience every time a player logged in. Its not an MMO or a multiplayer experience, but something “new and different”.

Executive Producer, Mark Darrah, explained Bioware’s concept of “Our World, My Story”. This concept is the core of the game and means the entire world of Anthem is shared between all players. But, upon a player returning to their home base, they will experience their own single player game. The consequences of a player’s choices in the shared world will effect their single player experience. The essence of this concept is a single player story with multiplayer combat.

Lead Writer, Cathleen Rootsaert, explained Bioware is attempting to create a more in-depth end game. Bioware will be able to continue adding more story to the single player experience over time. This allows Bioware to provide greater depth to a NPC’s story or develop entirely new storylines, meaning more replayability in Anthem for as long as Bioware is willing to support the IP. The world will keep evolving and developing over time.

A unique challenge to Anthem was creating a world that feels alive. Anthem will have seasons and real time weather. This means players will be able to drop in to events which are happening in real time.

Customization in Anthem allows players to create unique Javelins to fit their personality. From gear to weapons all the way down to the suit’s cosmetics. Players may even put together an entire team with the same look. Anthem will have some cosmetics which may be purchased but will not use a loot box system for cosmetics or gameplay advantages.

Multiplayer in Anthem allows players of different classes of Javelin to group up for its PvE experience. Bioware did not mention whether PvP will be contained within certain world zones or use a matchmaking scheme. Co-op is not required, players may experience Anthem solo, but Bioware highly recommends Anthem be experienced in a Co-op context.

Anthem releases February 22, 2019 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

If you missed the trailer, you can watch it below:

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