Black Desert Blader and Plum Patch Released

The latest patch notes have come out for Black Desert and have shown that the Blader and Plum classes have finally been released. If you have maxed out your current character slots, you have nothing to worry about because the total character slot limit per sever is being raised from 9 to 10 and everyone is being given one free character slot so that everyone gets a chance to try their preferred class.

The Blader relies on speed and mobility to succeed. He specializes in AoE attacks and can dominate in small-scale PvP, but can be countered by his very low defense. The Plum is essentially a female Blader who specializes in single combat with many single target skills. Each class comes with a secondary weapon, the bow. This helps make them versatile in both melee and ranged combat.

The Easter event has come to an end and all trade-in quests have been disabled. Tradable coins have received significant boosts to their base trade-in value. A plethora of new costumes and cash shop items have been added to the game. Many other changes have been brought to the game including making autopath looping easier for some players. The rest of these changes can be found in the March 20th patch notes.

Published by Nathanael Rose

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