Black Desert Online Closed Beta Test 2 Launches

Black Desert Online has begun its closed beta test 2 (CBT2) as of today! Not too long ago this was announced along with the release date of the game. If you are one of the lucky ones that got access to CBT2 then today is your day to shine. The test will last for 4 days starting at 3AM EST today. If you are one of the ones that remembered to preload the test you’ve probably already hopped into it by now. If not, you have got to hop in now and tell the rest of us what we are missing out on!

Yesterday Black Desert Online released a newsletter informing us of a few things. Namely that pre-orders may still be placed until February 26th, that a special event would be held during the closed beta test, and that the test started today. They also included an “opening cinematic” for the game that has attracted its fair share of negative feedback. Check it out for yourself and leave a comment about what you think.

See you all in game.

Published by Nathanael Rose

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