Black Desert Releases Mediah Expansion

Black Desert’s western players are in for a treat: the Mediah expansion has been released, boasting a world size increase of 30%, over 1,000 new quests, and a new world boss among many other things. 40v40 instances of PvP (Player-versus-Player) skirmishes are available as well as new guild missions and other new features. New weapons, armor, and craftables have arrived to help enhance your combat experience. The Mediah expansion has also come with a release trailer to get you excited to take part in all the new content:

The official patch notes can be found on the forum that go into the changes in more detail. The Ranger and Berserker classes have received a number of buffs, a disappointment to all Tamer players who currently play the most underpowered class in the game for PvP. Tons of new outfits, pets, furniture, and even a new mount armor set has been released in this expansion. Many other changes have been made that can be viewed in the patch notes such as item, monster, and interface tweaks.

A new event has begun with this expansion’s release as well; the Cherry Blossom event allows for players to find cherry blossom seeds which they can then farm in order to receive cherry blossom petals. These petals can be exchanged for furniture, accessories, and even silver, but make sure to spend all of your petals before May 4th, otherwise they will all disappear with the end of the event.

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