Black Desert Releasing Blader and Plum

Daum Games has announced that they will be releasing two new highly anticipated classes to the western version of Black Desert later this month. These classes are gender counterparts of each other known as the Blader and the Plum.

The Blader is possibly the most anticipated class in the western version of the game. This class relies on speed and mobility to succeed. He specializes in AOE attacks and can dominate in small-scale PvP, but can be countered by his very low defense.

The Plum is essentially a female Blader who specializes in 1v1 combat with many single target skills. Each class brings a different play style to the field, but in the end the western players are finally getting exactly what they’ve been asking for since before Black Desert even released.

The Blader and Plum classes will be released on April 20th.

Update: Blader and Plum Released!

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