Black Desert Is A Western Success

Black Desert is the most unique MMO to hit the west in a long time. It is such a massive game that goes about the MMO genre so much differently that your day one impression will likely not be one that accurately represents the experience you can have with the game. The game on day one is a very confusing MMO experience. If you give it a try then make sure to give it two days at least, but about four or five days seems to be the best amount of time to get your real first impression. And yes it will still be a first impression, because this game is huge.

Right away you get introduced to the most in-depth character creator working with the most beautiful character models you can find on the MMO market today. A few preset options can make the experience as short as you’d like, but for those willing to craft their perfect character, the option is there. Black Desert’s character creator holds a mixture of sliders, colors, and the ability to drag any body part to the shape you’d like it in order to be as in-depth as possible.

Once you get in-game you will be introduced to an initially confusing yet wonderfully detailed action combat system that revolves heavily around combos. The game features a hotbar like many others, but it is actually something you will rarely touch. Instead, most skills have an input combo that will perform them more effectively than assigning them to the hotbar. There are a few anomalies, but you’ll have a lot of combo memorization to do in this game for the most part. Thankfully this unusual combat system creates an extremely fun combat experience that will keep you actually wanting to grind some levels just to experience the combat some more.

What is debated within the in-game chat as the worst thing you will experience in this game is something you’ll find within your first few minutes in Black Desert. You can and will need to have conversations with NPCs in order to unlock two very important parts of this game as well as a few bonus things. A lot of knowledge, undoubtedly the most important stat in this game, is hidden behind conversations with NPCs. Quests are hidden, buffs are hidden, even items are hidden. What makes this so horrible is that each conversation is a minigame. A very difficult minigame to learn at first which consumes energy with every attempt. Once you see how slowly energy regenerates, how small its limit is as first, and how much conversations consume then you’ll realize just how bad this is.

It becomes very evident very quickly how huge Black Desert is. There are a number of quests that distract you from leveling, numerous side activities that distract you from quests, and a ton of knowledge that will keep you from unlocking all of these things at first. If you are looking for a traditional, combat-based MMO similar to the rest of the market then Black Desert may not be for you. If you are looking for a sandbox that is rich in features and holds endless possibilities to engage players, then this game can be highly recommended to you.

Be wary of buying just to try the game. Black Desert’s terms of agreement states that the moment you so much as sign in to the game you have lost your right to a refund. Ask your friends for a guest pass first, or stay tuned as a detailed review will be coming later this month here at Gamer Professionals.

UPDATE: Black Desert Online Review is out!

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5 thoughts on “Black Desert Is A Western Success

  1. Too early for the judgement
    If it was F2P it would have been the biggest thing in the west and EU too , their loss

  2. Totally agree, the game is massive and does so many things at such higher levels than previous MMO’s

  3. BDO sucks balls. I like grindy. I like restrictive like no fast travel. I like challenging combat.

    All of that BDO has and is completely countered by race and gender locked classes. Why the fuck would I want to play a chick in a ROLE PLAYING GAME. I dont want to be one, but I have to be if I wanna play that class? Wow.

    I know a ton of people that personally dont play it for that reason, and a ton more than quit because of the grindy stuff. It doesn’t have long, once people are over its flashy combat it’s done.

    1. Grindy stuff? What game doesn’t have you work towards something? I agree the game is not for many of the easy mode mind frame in the west. I can see them bailing and crying on the net.

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