UPDATE: Black Ops 4 Officially Announced, Coming this Fall

UPDATE: After all the rumors and oddly placed logos on the hats of basketball players, Activision have officially announced Black Ops 4, or Black Ops IIII, if you’re someone who doesn’t know how to use Roman numerals. All we currently know is that it’s due for release October 12th of this year, and it will represent a “game-changing experience”.


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So far only the logo has been confirmed everything else about the game is still a mystery. Last month, Eurogamer claimed that multiple sources had confirmed that the Black Ops 4 will launch later this year. It is also rumored that the game will release on Nintendo Switch.

Before last night’s basketball game, NBA star James Harden, from the Houston Rockets, wore a camo attire and a hat. The hat had a logo on it that looked like a Black Ops III logo, except instead if “III” it had “IIII”.

A source confirmed with Kotaku that the logo on James Harden’s hat is in fact for Black Ops 4, but the 4 is written as “IIII” unlike the proper roman numeral “IV”. We still do not know how Harden is a part of this game.

Activision had confirmed in February that Treyarch Studios is working on a new Call of Duty for 2018. Activision may speak more about the next Black Ops in late spring and early summer leading up to E3.

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