Blizzard Bans Thousands of Players For Cheating on Overwatch


Blizzard has started fanning the hammer quite hard on its new intellectual property Overwatch. With well over seven million players since launch, the game is an international hit, critically acclaimed by fans and critics alike. As such, measures to ensure the purity of the game have been established to remove cheaters from the game, this time permanently, and with no chance to get back in if discovered.

A statement on the official Overwatch forums clarified the actions taken against players found violating the terms of service: using third-party applications, hacks, or other methods that can give a player an unfair advantage. The team has banned thousands of players, for life, under this philosophy. Players whom have been banned have reported that even after repurchasing the game, reinstalling, and changing the MAC address to their PC, basically any method possible to remove traces in order to start a clean slate, have all led to the same result. It leads to question just how accurate is Blizzard’s algorithm to detect and punish said players, and whether it is accurate enough to prevent false positives from the system.

The next point it brings up is, given the intense media coverage that the banning algorithm has provided, what happens several months from now? Will the security assessment team follow through with this removal, or will it follow the path of prior Blizzard titles, where hackers receive a mere slap on the wrist?

A fuller statement with regards to their actual philosophy and stance on hacking can be found here.


  1. This another reason why I don’t play online only games. There are too many cheaters, and if you are banned from this forever that’s wasted money.

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