Blizzard Plans to Seriously Pursue Mobile Gaming


During the on-going flurry of controversy surrounding Diablo Immortal, Blizzard Entertainment continues to ensure fans that Diablo Immortal is going to be an exciting, fully-fledged adventure.

The negative reception to Diablo Immortal has not curbed Blizzard’s enthusiasm, however, as Blizzard gears toward pursuing mobile gaming into the future. Diablo Immortal it seems is only the beginning.

This was confirmed by Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham, in a recent interview with Digital Trends, Adham mentions that mobile is a “big initiative” for Blizzard.

Adham goes on to say, “I can say, without getting overly specific, that we have big plans for the mobile space” and that players should “expect to see more mobile titles from us spanning all of our IPs at some point in the future.”

image of a fan mock-up of Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch on mobile
It’s likely we could see a mobile version of Overwatch hit the market in the future.

This news may fuel an even bigger fire in the bellies of disgruntled fans and is definitely not what they were hoping to hear. Adham ensures that the PC faithful fans have not been forgotten.

During the interview, Adham touched also on a possible Diablo 4 announcement by briefly commenting: “We’ll have more news to share at some point in the future.” He continues to say “Diablo is a tent-pole franchise at Blizzard and we continue to work on many things in the Diablo franchise”. Adham then reiterates that multiple Diablo projects are in development.

This will not do much to quell angry fans from the disappointment they felt with the Diablo Immortal reveal. It does make us wonder what is coming next, and whether Blizzard will be sucked into the micro-transaction infested game-play that riddles the mobile games market. Either way, we can expect mobile versions of massive Blizzard titles in the future.