Cortana Beta Rolled Out Onto iOS

It seems that the popular Microsoft-made personal assistant is making its (her?) way to iOS devices today in the form of a closed beta. It was announced via a Windows Insider post that the rather popular PC and Android application is ready to take the next step in expanding onto other operating systems, with a lucky few now able to download Cortana onto their Apple devices before anybody else. One has to wonder if this branching out of Cortana presents some major competition to Apple’s own Siri assistant, and while it’s currently up in the air whether or not customers will prefer one or the other, there’s no doubt that the mere presence of an alternative is likely enough to make Apple fear for their brand a bit. After all, one of the reasons people have upgraded their smartphones and tablets over the past few years has been the improvements made on the personal assistant software, and Cortana evolving on older iOS devices may stop some people from getting the next big thing.

While this jump to iOS has been in the works since May of this year, it’s nice to see it finally arrive in some form on the hugely popular Apple brand. Unfortunately for those late to the party, the survey used for considering potential members of the beta has since been blocked off, cutting out anybody else wanting to get in on the testing. We’ll have more news for you once Microsoft decides to release an open beta, but for now Cortana remains largely on Windows PCs and Android phones.

For those unaware, Microsoft released the Cortana software in an attempt to make an adaptable personal assistant that learns more about you as you use it. This collected information is then used to either enhance your schedule or make positive changes to your daily life. It has been largely approved by most users, with some preferring it to the commonly-used Siri because of the additional features it provides. There are plans to take Cortana to Xbox One after the iOS version is released, although currently that’s the extent of Cortana’s planned reach.

Source: Techradar, Microsoft Community Insider, Ars Technica

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