User Buys Blizzard Merchandise, Gets Starcraft Source Code

According to a Reddit post that surfaced April 1, Reddit user Khemist49 had purchased a Blizzard merchandise box on eBay, and he discovered a relatively rare gem within it. Coupled with Blizzard merchandise, he found a disk that was clearly property of Blizzard Entertainment, that contained the source code for the original Starcraft.

starcraft remastered cover

Khemist49 loaded the disk at some point, and discovered several batch and compiler programs within the disk on a live stream through Twitch. Users on this Reddit thread encouraged him to upload the information on

Khemist49 later got in touch with the company and returned their property. In return, Blizzard funded an all-expenses paid trip to Blizzcon 2017 in Anaheim, California, later this November, coupled with hundreds of dollars of Blizzard merchandise.

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