Blizzard Releases New Overwatch Animated Short “Hero”


A new Overwatch animated animated short was released today, which centers around assault character Soldier: 76. One of the most user-friendly characters in the game, Soldier: 76 totes an assault rifle and enhanced targeting abilities in his visor. His gruff voice and tough demeanor portray him as a typical action-movie type, though he does show some sense of ethics in this short.

Soldier: 76 is seen rescuing a little girl from a band of bullies who attempt to rob her. They are also seen beating up a disabled robot, which offers some further insight into the grim world that Overwatch exists in. “Hero” features great music and a fun, action-packed sense of style. It is the fourth animated short following “Recall”, “Alive”, and “Dragons”.

Overwatch releases this Tuesday on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.