Blizzcon Announces Necromancer For Diablo III

The day has finally come for we Diablo III fans, as Blizzard announces a much needed new addition to content. The main complaint about this game that can be found all across the internet is the lack of new content. This new addition will be named “Rise of the Necromancer” and will be released sometime in 2017. This pack as Blizzard calls it will grant access to the Necromancer class, a new in game pet, two additional character slots, two new stash tabs (PC only), a portrait frame, a pendant and a banner shape/sigil. Now that is a bombshell. Blizzard has stated in a Q&A on their forum that neither a specific release date or a price have been decided on quite yet.

Concept art

For those who haven’t played Diablo II, here is a brief rundown on the Necromancer class. The world knows them as Necromancers, however they refer to each other as Priests of Rathma and shroud themselves in mystery. Hidden from most, they mainly dwell in the deep jungles of Kehjistan and train to maintain the balance of life and death. Sanctuary now calls for their aid, and they plan to answer. Through control of the dark arts, Necromancers draw their power from death itself by raising the fallen to fight for their purposes. Keeping true to the model of Diablo II Necromancers, players will be able to explode corpses which was one of the fan favorite abilities. Other abilities include Bone Spear (another fan favorite), Siphon Blood, Blood Rush and of course Summon Skeletons. Plans for Legendary items, Class Sets and even a class-specific Scythe for the main hand have been confirmed but are not ready to be shown.

Official Artwork

Many of the fan base of Diablo III have been playing since its release, and a slightly lower number, myself included, have purchased the title on multiple platforms in effort to try and keep it interesting. It is true that PC players can partake in the seasonal events, but in my experiences many players can meet these goals in little more than a week and in expert cases, much less time. That aside, fans of this series had a couple complaints about the classes, mainly the absence of favorites from Diablo II such as the Necromancer, Paladin, Amazon ect. Blizzard states that the decision to add the Necromacer was based on a thorough in-depth analysis of the players most requested class. This is most likely true, however due to the mystery shroud that Blizzard seems to put over new content, most of the feedback so far shows disappointment. Due to not having many facts to go on, rumors of Diablo IV or an extensive expansion have run rampant and raised the fan bases hopes. Truly this is a most welcome addition, but one must ask why such a relatively small add on would take Blizzard so long to create.

Published by Zack Harrington - Associate News Editor

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