BlizzCon: Hearthstone’s League of Explorers Expansion Announced

Popular trading card game Hearthstone just received a ton of news with an update as to the direction the game intends to head, with news of an upcoming expansion, titled League of Explorers, following the exploration of Naxxramas and the Grand Tournament. BlizzCon 2015 is currently ongoing at the Anaheim Convention Center and as usual, it comes with a slew of information for all titles. The cinematic trailer for this announcement is below, posted through Blizzard’s Facebook page. Blizzard has to get an award for this fantastic trailer. It’s cheerful and good fun to watch.

The expansion arrives on November 12th, and will feature 45 new cards, new card backs, and game boards… which means more things to poke and mess with. But for real, can we get more emotes?!

Source: Blizzard Facebook

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