Developer Bluehole Studios recently announced that when its test servers come back online, its new desert map will be available for players to explore. In anticipation for when that occurs, Bluehole Studios has officially named the new desert map.  Welcome to Miramar!

The lay of the land

Miramar appears to be much different from the default map, Erangel. One apparent difference is the lack of rivers and lakes. Further, while having a southern island, it appears to be much smaller. Miramar looks to be much more mountainous than its predecessor.

In addition to naming the map, Bluehole Studios has also released names and descriptions of several cities populating the landscape.

Based on these descriptions, Miramar appears to be much more diverse than a simple desert.

In addition to the city names and descriptions, several more Miramar screen shots have also been published.

What are your thoughts on the name for this new map? Does it make you more excited to delve into it and find a tree to hide in? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.