Boeing Unveils New Anti-Drone Laser


If you are the kind of person who enjoys lasers, Boeing has some thoroughly exciting news for you. A newly developed laser cannon was unveiled at a test session in New Mexico this week, designed as an anti-drone measure.

The Compact Laser Weapon System lacks the more flashy, science-fiction-esque characteristics that we all know and love, but it well and truly functions as an effective laser. In the demonstration, Boeing directed the laser cannon at a composite UAV shell for two seconds, quickly and thoroughly igniting the target.


The device is designed as a more portable and accessible security option, able to fit in four suitcase-sized boxes and easily deployed by a pair of technicians. It is capable of high-precision targeting, and is easily controllable with a standard Xbox 360 controller and targeting software. The CLWS is a dedicated response to the growing availability of drones, both in the public and military sector.

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