Two men, Kevin Norton and James Stumbo, were arrested for threatening violence to attendees of the Pokemon World Championships, which just recently concluded. Both men were arrested after their plans were discovered on social media. The information was brought to the attention of the Boston Police Department and the Pokemon Company International, both of whom began investigating the claims.

A search warrant was issued for the vehicle, in which weapons were found alongside hundreds of ammunition rounds. The men were charged with unlicensed possession of firearms and ammunition. According to several reports, both men were competitors to the Pokemon World Championships as well, which leaves this even more puzzling.

  • Marshall McNeill

    This is why I play Pokemon at home. I prefer to remain a proper shut in. Quite scary.

  • Nicholas Williams

    It seems like they were going to hold the championship hostage to get the prize money, this may be the start of a worrying trend with big esports events like this.

    • You got me curious. Have a source so I can update the first post?

      • Nicholas Williams

        Oh no that was all speculation based on what was in the article, just having all those guns seemed like they were planning something big. Sorry for the misunderstanding

        • No problem. From what I read, seemed like they wanted to “shoot up their competition.” Thanks for participating in the discussion though!