BoxBoy Sequel Announced, Launched

A new title developed by the team at HAL Laboratory has managed to sneak its way onto the Japanese eShop today, with minimal fanfare. BoxBoy: One More Box is the creatively titled sequel to last year’s BoxBoy, a minimalist puzzle game developed exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, and distributed via eShop.

The previous title saw the protagonist Qbby creating and manipulating boxes to navigate a series of rooms littered with environmental hazards. One More Box expands upon this simple concept by allowing Qbby to create multiple boxes. The sequel maintains the charming monochrome style and simplified aesthetic of its predecessor. The accompanying trailer demonstrates the broadened level design made possible by Qbby’s new ability, and serves to highlight a small portion of the obstacles that await Qbby.

At this point, BoxBoy: One More Box is available exclusively in Japan, but the simple concept, minimal text and previous localization efforts will work in its favour. It looks to be a simple, clean puzzle game, and if the previous game was any indication, it should serve as a nifty little timewaster.

Published by Michael Spiteri

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