Bravely Second: End Layer Introduces More Jobs

The sequel to Bravely Default is soon becoming a reality, and today’s trailer from Nintendo of Europe gives us a look at the new jobs available in this game. Shown are the Guardian, Exorcist, Wizard, Charioteer, Catmancer, Patissier, Bishop, Fencer, and Astrologian jobs, each with their own unique qualities.

With 12 new jobs and 30 in total, this seems like it should be more of the same goodness that fans of Bravely Default will be down for. The game is coming to Europe on February 26th, 2016, with the Australian release a day later and the North American release held back until April 15th, 2016—perhaps because us North Americans are getting Fire Emblem Fates earlier for some reason and they don’t want to swamp us with these RPGs anymore than they already are, eh?

Published by Sho Ryker

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