Breath of Fire III Coming to PSN Next Week


Breath of Fire III launched for the PlayStation back in 1997 for Japan, with an English release coming next year for both North America and Europe. Interestingly enough, however, North America never saw a Western PSP release, which both Japan and Europe were treated to over 10 years ago.

Thus, if nothing else, perhaps some classic RPG fans over on this continent will appreciate that BoF III is finally coming to the North American PlayStation Network next week on Tuesday, February 9th.

It’s an old series (perhaps with a bit of a cult following) although it’s not too active these days. The latest entry, Breath of Fire 6, is coming to Japan for iOS, Android, and PC this month, but there’s no word on a Western release yet and it doesn’t seem to be garnering too much attention, so I’m honestly not expecting one either.

Still, nothing is out of the question. With Breath of Fire III coming over in a few days, maybe it’s time to check this series out and see what it has to offer?